True teleportation effects (teleporting anywhere in the same Plane) is a staple of Dungeons and Dragons, and it’s an effect that I feel tends to shrink the world, which I don’t like. Although it’s very high level, like resurrection I’m going to be making a pretty major change.

This rule will apply for any spell that can move you, allies, or objects at least 50 miles. It does not cover Planeshifting spells and powers, although those may also see changes in the future.

All teleportation spells except for Teleportation Circle will have a new mechanic interacting with a new optional material component: An Eldritch Eye, which is consumed by the spell.

Eldritch Eyes are the eyes of Abominations, a particular class of creature, similar to ‘Giant’, ‘Beast’, or ‘Dragon’.

Eldritch Eyes act as dimensional anchors that root the teleportation spell in place. Trying to cast a teleportation spell without an Eldritch Eye gives a separate, additional 95% chance of failure, which will send you the same distance you were intending to travel, but in a completely random direction. This means that it’s a serious risk to try and teleport without an eye.

Eldritch Eyes have another property as well: They cannot be teleported. As anchors, they must stay behind. You cannot bring an Eye with you when you teleport, even with Teleportation Circle.

Eldritch Eyes will be fairly rare to just stumble upon, but if you guys need to teleport somewhere you’ll usually be able to do some investigation to track down an Abomination.


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