Jäger von Bären


Jäger began his life as a soldier at age 16. By the time he was 23 he was ranked as an officer in the Raptor Battalion of the Royal Army of Begran. Two years into his command (age 25) Jäger led the battalion into the battle of Kronrik’s Pass. Gruesome and casualty heavy, the deciding battle in the last great Orc invasion leaned heavily on Jäger’s command, and against all odds he led the battalion to victory. Shortly after the war, Jäger was made a Baron and given lordship over the small village of Stelledorf. He married and had 2 children over the next 3 years.

At the age of 28, Jäger was happily reigning over Stelledorf, and set out on an afternoon to hunt, just himself and his horse. He left his village and family guarded safely by members of his old battalion. When Jäger returned from his hunt, proudly dragging a large elk behind him, he found the entirety of Stelledorf burning and his family slain.

With nothing left in his life but his anger and sorrow, Jäger fell into a deep depression, and vowed to never let anyone else worthy be hurt by such evil. For the next 12 years Jäger lived in the forests of Begran, surviving in the wild and defending the surrounding estates from the evil that lurked just outside the walls.

Jäger von Bären

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