Welcome to the world of Calamity Rising, a world teetering on the edge. The edge of unrest, the edge of war, the edge of ruin.

The Gods have fallen silent. Though their most ardent followers still wield their power to heal their followers and smite their enemies, none have received a Telling for over six hundred years…

Corrupted angels fall from the heavens, driven mad by rage or fear or pain, they lay waste to the countryside until put down by the Order of Abnegation…

The various human, Dwarven, Elven, and Dragonborn nations of the Central Kingdoms struggle in endless conflict against the encroaching tribes of the Outer Wastes…

Cults worshipping the Dark Gods rise up, only to be put down again and again…

And all across the world, people feel a weight, heavy on their chest. They know not what it is, simply that something wicked this way comes…

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Timeline of Events

Campaign Log

Session 1
Welcome to Ossrik’s Bluff
Session 1.5
Session 2
Pirates and Tribesmen and Big Giant Hats!
Session 3
Adventures in Sewer Spelunking
Session 4 & 5
Demon Invasions and Flesh Monsters

Calamity Rising

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