The Gods

Nine Greater Gods presided over the world, each holding court on one or more Domains of creation. Although contact with the gods has ceased, Clerics, Paladins, acolytes and others who wielded their power continue to do so.

Pelor (Lawful Good) – God of the sun, summer, harvests, farmers, and the poor. Creator of Humans. Pelor exhorted his followers to protect civilization. Many humans worship him, but commoners and farmers from other races do as well.

Domains – Light, Life

Moradin (Neutral Good) – God of industry, mountains, smithing, craftsmen and other skilled labor. Creator of the Dwarves. Moradin exhorted his followers to fill the world with useful creations that will benefit all peoples. His mighty hammer was said to cast lightning at his foes. Many Dwarves worship him, and blacksmiths and craftsmen of other races often do as well.

Domains – War, Tempest

Celeste (Chaotic Good) – God of forests, art, beauty, education, magic, and hunting. Creator of Elves. Celeste exhorted her followers to fill the world with beauty, live in harmony with nature and seek knowledge and learning to advance all peoples. Many Elves worship her, as well as magic users, artists and rangers of all races.

Domains – Nature, Knowledge

Bahamut (Lawful Neutral) – God of justice, war, lawful combat, vengeance, and the plains. Creator of Dragons and Dragonborn. Bahamut exhorted his followers to always fight for what they believe in, to stand up and be heard. He espoused the punishment of lawbreakers and oathbreakers. Followers of Bahamut usually follow a code of trial by combat, with seconds chosen for those unable to fight themselves. Many Dragonborn worship him, and soldiers, warriors, guards, and champions of all races often worship him as well.

Domains – War, Light

Athas/Orrik (True Neutral) – As Athas, god of spring, birth, new life, and the creator of Gnomes. As Orrik, god of winter, decay, and death. Athas exhorted his followers to protect and cherish new life. Orrik exhorted his followers to accept the inevitability of death. Many Gnomes worship Athas, as well as healers and midwives of all races. Many from all races turn to worship Orrik in old age. Many Druids worship both aspects equally.

Athas – Life, Nature
Orrik – Death

Corellon (Chaotic Neutral) – God of laughter, trickery, deception, thievery and secret knowledge. Creator of Halflings. Corellon exhorted his followers to see the absurd side of life, and take all things as they come. He is known by followers as ‘The Comedian’, or ‘The Joker’. Many halflings worship Corellon, as well as thieves, bards, and merchants of other races.

Domains – Trickery, Knowledge

Felrus (Lawful Evil) – God of slavery, subjugation, and despotism. Creator of demons and devils. Felrus exhorted his followers to subjugate the weak and serve the strong. Many Tieflings worship him, as well as slavers and torturers of all races.

Domains: Trickery, Death

Hargan (NE) – God of cold, winter, and undeath. Creator of undeath itself, and patron of liches, ghouls, vampires, and other intelligent undead creatures. Hargan tempted mortals with the promise of eternal life, but only provided it to those who made a sacrifice. Many evil creatures worship him, as well as necromancers.

Domains: Knowledge, Death

Gruumsh (Chaotic Evil) – God of violence, slaughter, betrayal, and retribution. Creator of Orcs. Gruumsh One-Eye exhorted his followers to take what they wanted, killing those who would stand against them. Followers of Gruumsh believe that the strongest should rule, until he becomes too weak and is brought down by another. Many Orcs worship him, as well as bandits, pirates, and mercenaries of all races.

Domains – War, Tempest

The Gods

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