Downtime Activities

Downtime activities allow your character to research, train, hobnob, drink or otherwise spend the hours between adventures. This list will grow over time, and I’m open to additional ideas.


Your character can spend days drinking and partying. This costs 2 gold per day spent carousing. You state how long your character will party for, and I will roll on a table to determine events that happen during that time. This will have wildly variable outcomes, from gaining or losing money, meeting characters, finding quest leads, getting thrown in jail, being robbed, winning a bunch of money while gambling, etc.

Crafting Magic Items

First, speak to me about what kind of item you want to create. I will determine a gold cost for the item as you’ve described it.

Once the item is designed, your character can spend downtime researching it. A ballpark amount of time is approximately 1 day for every 100 gold that the item will cost. However, this is highly variable. Your Investigation skill improves your outcomes for this stage.

Once your character has finished researching it, you will find out the gold cost and the material components required to craft it. The components could be anything from a magical gem from the tomb of a great warrior, to a handful of teeth pulled from the mouth of a dead Night Hag.

With the mundane item, the components, and an additional gold cost, the item can be enchanted by a character with the Ritual Caster feature. The character will require a minimum level that will scale depending on the strength of the item.

Enchanting the item will take approximately 1 day for every 1000 gold that the item will cost. This will again be highly variable.

Crafting mundane items

Your character can spend time crafting mundane items if they have the correct proficiency and a location to work. This allows you to create these items for half the normal cost. Creating an item takes about 1 day for every 25 gold of the total cost, but this is variable and will be determined by rolls.


Your character can spend time researching people, locations, etc. Simply state what you would like to research, and I will roll for the research. This may take multiple days. Your Investigation skill can improve your outcome for this process.

Spreading Rumors

Your character can spend time spreading rumors to attempt to change public perception of people or groups. You can try and improve or damage reputation during this time. This costs 5 gold per day for various bribes and to grease wheels, and will take a variable time determined by the rumor and by dice rolls. Deception improves your chances of spreading rumors successfully.


Your character can spend time performing if they have proficiency in an instrument. This will gain money and personal reputation. The amounts gained are based on dice rolls, and your Performance skill improves your outcomes.

Faction Work

Your character can spend their time doing work for a faction, which will increase your standing with that faction. This will be influenced by different skills depending on what faction it is. This will involve dice rolls.

Vocation Work

If your character has proficiency in a type of work, you can spend your time doing that work. This will make your character a moderate amount of money.

Downtime Activities

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