Calamity Rising

Pirates and Tribesmen and Big Giant Hats!

Wherein the party storms a pirate fortress

After resolving the issues in Ossrik’s Bluff, the party discusses their circumstances and decides they’d like to travel south to speak with Count Ventor, the absentee ruler of the town. Count Ventor lives to the south, a week by barge or two by land, in Requil, the capital city of Begran.

On their way south, the barge captain’s son, Belaham, speaks with Jäger von Bären, revealing that he was part of his now disbanded battalion and participated in the Battle of Kronrick’s Pass. Jäger speaks with the man for a moment, explaining that his village was burned and he has been wandering for a long while. The man tells Jäger that he will spread the word to other ex members of the battalion that the commander is still alive.

After a few days, the barge is attacked by pirates, who have strung a series of rafts via rope across the river. The pirate’s leader is a man with a huge triangular hat, but he is struck down almost instantly as Enna‘s arrow and the Old Man’s magical projectiles impact his leg and face respectively. Several more pirates are cut down before they board. They quickly succumb to the party, but not before wounding Belaham.

The party intimidates them into giving up a location for the pirate base, but refuses to let them go. They make a deal with the barge captain to split the fee for the pirates and leave it with local moneychangers.

The party decides that they’re going to take care of the pirates regardless. They spend a night on the shore before heading inland. When they get to the location they were told has the pirate base, they instead just find an empty cave. Following a trail from the cave they come to a village of tribespeople, only one of whom speaks Common, and poorly at that. The tribespeople identify where the pirates are, and reveal that they have been harassed by them and would like to wipe them out. Ten warriors join the party, and together they storm the pirate fortress, wiping them out to a man. The party finds gold, jewels, gear, and a pendant that the caravan master in Ossrik’s Bluff was looking for.

That night the tribespeople have a massive party, and the village shaman identifies the giant hat that the pirate leader was wearing as a magical hat, which can change your appearance.



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