Calamity Rising

Demon Invasions and Flesh Monsters

Sessions 4 & 5: Insert funny quote here

- Investigated the area, found a door they couldn’t open

- Signet rings on the cultists – they were nobles. Found one alive, interrogated him. He was the son of Baron Durin.

- On the way back, feel a strange wave of energy. When they reach the surface the city is in a panic.

- Demons are attacking, the Count gives them some of his colors and they head out to the market district.

- Making their way through the city using their owl as a guide, they come to another sewer entrance. They track their way to a room where trolls and cultists are battling demons. They kill everyone, and find a portal comprised of solid iron blocks, which they disrupt. Jaeger takes one of the blocks.

- On their way back they are greeted by a sending of a powerful demon, he asks them to put the portal back and offers treasure to do so.

- The party refuses and heads back out. They make stops at the manor and at the Order of Abnegation, where they gather a follower in the form of a wizard’s apprentice.

- After sleeping to recover from their wounds, the party returns to the sewers in the north east of town. They reach the room where they fought the trolls and find a massive creature made of flesh. During the battle Jaeger almost dies.



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