Calamity Rising

Adventures in Sewer Spelunking

Wherein the party fights a pudding

The party woke the next morning after the party with the members of the tribal village, ready to continue down to Requil, capital of Begran. They said their goodbyes, and as they were lead away by Anuchuk, the village faded from their eyes.

Two weeks later they arrived in Requil, and right away began to finish up some outstanding business such as receiving payment for pirates captured, and purchasing equipment.

Jäger von Bären tracked down Belaham, and they had more time to speak. Belaham told Jäger that he had been in contact with other members of the old Battalion that he trusted, and that they would keep an eye out for him.

The party took up a room at the Tin Roof Inn, before heading to Count Ventor’s estate. They were able to get a meeting with the Count, who thanked them for their service in Ossrik’s Bluff. Sir Robin Proudfoot was invited to stay at the estate, but the party was told that there wasn’t room for all of them. The Count also told them that he might have work for him, and that his butler would let them know.

Some time later the Count summoned the party again, and told them of a series of murders that had occurred around town. He tasked them to investigate, offering them different bounties if they merely gathered information or were able to take the perpetrators into custody. A murder had happened just recently, and the party went down to investigate.

The murder victim was the owner of the local alchemist’s shop, and his death was clearly some kind of ritual killing. His heart had been removed from his body, and around him were runes and sigils painted in blood. The guardsmen there told the party that there had been 4 previous murders, each similar with an organ removed.

The previous murder locations were all close to the sewers, as was this murder, so after gathering some information the party went down into the sewers to investigate. Down there they fought and killed a Black Pudding, before beginning a sweep of the sewers. Near the north-east corner of town the sewers gave way to a tunnel dug through the hard dirt and rock, opening on a room. There the party found a group of cultists and a troll, dispatching the troll with great prejudice.



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