Calamity Rising

Demon Invasions and Flesh Monsters
Sessions 4 & 5: Insert funny quote here

- Investigated the area, found a door they couldn’t open

- Signet rings on the cultists – they were nobles. Found one alive, interrogated him. He was the son of Baron Durin.

- On the way back, feel a strange wave of energy. When they reach the surface the city is in a panic.

- Demons are attacking, the Count gives them some of his colors and they head out to the market district.

- Making their way through the city using their owl as a guide, they come to another sewer entrance. They track their way to a room where trolls and cultists are battling demons. They kill everyone, and find a portal comprised of solid iron blocks, which they disrupt. Jaeger takes one of the blocks.

- On their way back they are greeted by a sending of a powerful demon, he asks them to put the portal back and offers treasure to do so.

- The party refuses and heads back out. They make stops at the manor and at the Order of Abnegation, where they gather a follower in the form of a wizard’s apprentice.

- After sleeping to recover from their wounds, the party returns to the sewers in the north east of town. They reach the room where they fought the trolls and find a massive creature made of flesh. During the battle Jaeger almost dies.

Adventures in Sewer Spelunking
Wherein the party fights a pudding

The party woke the next morning after the party with the members of the tribal village, ready to continue down to Requil, capital of Begran. They said their goodbyes, and as they were lead away by Anuchuk, the village faded from their eyes.

Two weeks later they arrived in Requil, and right away began to finish up some outstanding business such as receiving payment for pirates captured, and purchasing equipment.

Jäger von Bären tracked down Belaham, and they had more time to speak. Belaham told Jäger that he had been in contact with other members of the old Battalion that he trusted, and that they would keep an eye out for him.

The party took up a room at the Tin Roof Inn, before heading to Count Ventor’s estate. They were able to get a meeting with the Count, who thanked them for their service in Ossrik’s Bluff. Sir Robin Proudfoot was invited to stay at the estate, but the party was told that there wasn’t room for all of them. The Count also told them that he might have work for him, and that his butler would let them know.

Some time later the Count summoned the party again, and told them of a series of murders that had occurred around town. He tasked them to investigate, offering them different bounties if they merely gathered information or were able to take the perpetrators into custody. A murder had happened just recently, and the party went down to investigate.

The murder victim was the owner of the local alchemist’s shop, and his death was clearly some kind of ritual killing. His heart had been removed from his body, and around him were runes and sigils painted in blood. The guardsmen there told the party that there had been 4 previous murders, each similar with an organ removed.

The previous murder locations were all close to the sewers, as was this murder, so after gathering some information the party went down into the sewers to investigate. Down there they fought and killed a Black Pudding, before beginning a sweep of the sewers. Near the north-east corner of town the sewers gave way to a tunnel dug through the hard dirt and rock, opening on a room. There the party found a group of cultists and a troll, dispatching the troll with great prejudice.

Pirates and Tribesmen and Big Giant Hats!
Wherein the party storms a pirate fortress

After resolving the issues in Ossrik’s Bluff, the party discusses their circumstances and decides they’d like to travel south to speak with Count Ventor, the absentee ruler of the town. Count Ventor lives to the south, a week by barge or two by land, in Requil, the capital city of Begran.

On their way south, the barge captain’s son, Belaham, speaks with Jäger von Bären, revealing that he was part of his now disbanded battalion and participated in the Battle of Kronrick’s Pass. Jäger speaks with the man for a moment, explaining that his village was burned and he has been wandering for a long while. The man tells Jäger that he will spread the word to other ex members of the battalion that the commander is still alive.

After a few days, the barge is attacked by pirates, who have strung a series of rafts via rope across the river. The pirate’s leader is a man with a huge triangular hat, but he is struck down almost instantly as Enna‘s arrow and the Old Man’s magical projectiles impact his leg and face respectively. Several more pirates are cut down before they board. They quickly succumb to the party, but not before wounding Belaham.

The party intimidates them into giving up a location for the pirate base, but refuses to let them go. They make a deal with the barge captain to split the fee for the pirates and leave it with local moneychangers.

The party decides that they’re going to take care of the pirates regardless. They spend a night on the shore before heading inland. When they get to the location they were told has the pirate base, they instead just find an empty cave. Following a trail from the cave they come to a village of tribespeople, only one of whom speaks Common, and poorly at that. The tribespeople identify where the pirates are, and reveal that they have been harassed by them and would like to wipe them out. Ten warriors join the party, and together they storm the pirate fortress, wiping them out to a man. The party finds gold, jewels, gear, and a pendant that the caravan master in Ossrik’s Bluff was looking for.

That night the tribespeople have a massive party, and the village shaman identifies the giant hat that the pirate leader was wearing as a magical hat, which can change your appearance.

Welcome to Ossrik's Bluff
Wherein the party begins their murder career

While traveling north to Ossrik’s Bluff with a caravan, six adventurers found themselves defending it against a devastating attack from bandits. The caravan lost 13 members, but the adventurers managed to defend their wagon without any losses. As they sat around the fire after the attack, it slowly came out that each of them was looking for work. They decided to band together and see if they could find any jobs in the town.

Once they reached the town, the Caravan Master let the group know that his caravan wouldn’t be good to go for at least a couple weeks. They decided to look around town and see if they could find any work.

After scouring the town they learned two things:

1) The rich district of the town, where the ruling Verik family used to live, was destroyed 15 years ago in a rock slide, killing the entire family and almost everyone that lived in that section of town.

2) Strange noises had been heard up by the old crypt, and the mayor, Breckenridge, had sent word to Count Ventor, the ruler of the town, asking for money to put a bounty on the crypt, since the locals weren’t willing to enter it.

Gaerkoris played for the innkeeper of the Hawk’s Nest pub, and booked a gig for that evening.

Soon after, the town was shocked by screams from up in the destroyed part of town. A mother came running down the steps yelling that her babies had been taken into the old crypt. Klomb burst into action, running up the steps immediately, and the party got some information from the mother before following behind.

Bashing his way into the crypt, Klomb found an open empty area with the walls full of buried remains, and a glowing green fire near the center. He waited for the party before venturing forth deeper into the crypt. Soon the party heard the screams of a child, and saw patches of thick webbing on the walls. Giant wolf spiders burst out from a far room, and the party dispatched them quickly.

Klomb tore off the webs from the one child that was still conscious and struggling. The party grabbed the other two unconscious children and quickly left. As they left, the dead began to shift and rise. They ran out of the crypt, barricading it behind themselves.

They returned the child named Lonnie and her two unconscious siblings to their mother, who hurried them off to the healer. Breckenridge was nearby, and suggested that they shore up the barricades on the crypt.

That night Gaerkoris played a show, ending with a beautiful piece. The next day the Count’s message arrived, and Breckenridge offered the party 1000 gold pieces to put the crypt to rest.

When they entered the crypt, they were immediately accosted by zombies and skeletons. They slogged their way through multiple waves before eventually being surrounded. Running forwards, they came to a room with a well, where they pressed a switch to drop the water in the well and descended by rope.

At the bottom they found a room with a glowing green orb and a spellbook. The orb damaged all who touched it, and even those who stood near it for long. Sir Robin destroyed it with an Eldritch blast, and the presence that was animating the zombies vanished.

The party returned to the town to collect their reward.


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